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Post by Zeria Iiyasei on Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:14 pm

Difficulty Scale

The difficulty scale selection window, showing all four tiers of the Fractals available.
Fractals of the Mists uses a difficulty scale in contrast to the story and explorable modes of dungeons.

Your personal fractal level increases by one each time you complete a fractal scale equal to or greater than your personal level.

Whoever enters the hub may choose the initial difficulty level, which can be set up to the highest personal reward level of any member of the current party.

The scale may be changed while in the lobby through the Scale Setting Sequencer.
Increased personal levels offer increased rewards, even if the run is at a lower difficulty level. Higher difficulty levels offer greater challenges and higher chances of better rewards, from foes, chests, and bonus chests.

Each fractal scale corresponds with a specific fractal 'island' and set of unique conditions.

There are four fractal difficulty scale ranges that are listed in the Looking For Group tool.
For new characters, all of these skill ranges are locked (they cannot be used to find groups).

The first scale range called "Initiate Scales 1-25", will unlock when a character reaches level 80. Higher group scale ranges will unlock when an account's fractal reward level nears the upper boundary for that group. For example, the ability to search in the 51-75 range unlocks when an account's fractal reward level is 46.

  • The standard changes at higher difficulty levels.

  • Standard foes spawn in greater numbers and have higher levels.

  • Foes gain increased health and damage values.

  • Some foes will gain new abilities, e.g. in the Uncategorized Fractal, the harpies start to knock players back.

  • Major changes at different tiers

  • Fractals include more substantial changes starting at level 25, 50, 75, so these are called the difficulty "tiers".

  • New items begin dropping at higher tiers; other items begin dropping more frequently.

New challenges are added at new tiers:
  • Agony is added to enemy and boss attacks at level 20, and it continues to increase with each level.

  • A Mistlock Instability is added at level 26, with additional instabilities added at levels 51 and 76 (for a total of 3).

  • Starting at level 71, whenever a player gets downed a Fractal Avenger will spawn to finish the player. (Interrupting or killing it will cause it to disappear. If a downed player stealths or teleports away, it will continue its finisher, but it will fail if a player is still stealthed or has moved far enough away by the time its animation finishes.)

  • Fractals with the Fractal Vindicator instability will spawn a Fractal Vindicator instead, which deals heavy damage to its target and persists until slain. Unlike with the avengers, only one vindicator will spawn per player whenever they go downed until their current vindicator has been slain.

  • Daily Fractals rewards are available for difficulties 1-25, 26-50, 51-75 and 76-100.
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