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Spirit Vale - Vale Guardian

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Spirit Vale - Vale Guardian

Post by Zeria Iiyasei on Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:25 pm

-more information coming soon-
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Re: Spirit Vale - Vale Guardian

Post by Valafer on Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:21 pm

This is the first boss in Sprit Vale (commonly called W1 or Wing 1).

When you initially step into the instance, you will see three spirit guardians standing there. The order as to which you fight is random but the colors are red, blue, and green. Idealy you want to fight them one at a time but you can do two at a time.

The Blue Guardian randomly spawns green circles around and it will cause alot of damage if activated. To prevent activation of this, you need 4 people to stad in the circle and wait for it to disappear. Another thing is that it has a buff that prevents damage on itself. Easy way to deal with it is to use a boon removal (easiest using a mesmer sword auto-attack).

The red guardian can only be damaged by condtions. Also it spawns red spheres called seekers. These have way too much HP to kill so the best way to deal with them is to just push them away or to pull them to a location from the fight. Usually Druids handle the pushing and immobilize them with ensare. Mesmers can also help with this by using a focus instead of a shield. Also the banner slave can use wild blow to push them away.

The last guardian guardian is the green guardian. This one is pretty simple to deal with since it only has one mechanic. Random blue circles will spawn and will teleport you to a random location through out the fight area. Mesmers can use distortion when dealing with those, however it will only effect them. Easiest way i've found to handle this is to just dodge away from it and wait for them to pop. Other then that, pretty simple. Now on to the big fight itself.

The Vale Guardian. Basically once the fight starts, all three mechanics previously mentioned before will be in effect. So before you start the fight, it's best to designate 4 people to green circles once it spawn. Shouldn't need to mention what their job is but incase it's forgotten, their job is to run to the green circles and stand in it until it disappears to prevent it's activation. The Blue circles and seekers will also be in play which you handle them just like before.

At the start of the fight, the tank (character with the highest toughness) will pull the boss to the pillar (usually the blue pillar and will explain why later) and hold it there until the boss reaches 66% health. This will initiate a split phase which the boss will run to the center and disappear. A few seconds is given and then the guardians you encountered before will spawn by their color appropriate pillars.

During the split phase, the condi damage people need to go to the red pillar and the other DPS will stay by the blue, the Druid healer will then need to attack the green guardian to pull him to the blue pillar. In short, condi DPS will handle red by themselves while the others deal with blue and green at the same time. the mechanics that was with them before will also be in effect aswell so don't forget about the green circles.

Once all three guardians are dead, the boss will spawn in the center again except this time 1/3 of the fight area will start to glow. Please do not stand in that area while it is glowing cause it will do damage over time while you stand in it. The glowing area will rotate around the fight area so you need to keep the boss moving. Idealy you want to chase the glowing field and not the other way. During this part though, there will be a CC phase which he will shoot random blasts everywhere and could cause issues for the glass cannons. Just use basic CC skills and move on with the fight.

Once at 33% health, the split phase will initiate again and will do the exact same thing you did before. Nothing new there. Once the boss comes back, it's the same as before with the glowing areas except now it's 2/3 of the area instead of 1/3. It's all still the same mostly though so just keep hitting him untill he drops dead and handling those same mechanis as before.


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