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Post by COLDF13ND on Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:30 am

Player Name: COLDF13ND
Guild Rank: Recruit. Or whatever our guild calls newbies.
GW2 Player Since: 287 hours, 45 minutes over the last 1,799 days.
Favorite Class: Mesmer. The spells and animations are very cool looking.

I'm a DPS player. I like to kill things. And other players. And take their things.

Least Favorite Class: Engineer. I detest technology in my fantasy MMORPGs.

Primary Game Mode: PvP.

Favorite Map: Queensdale.
Where I'm From: Maine. Pine trees. Lobster. Snow.
Favorite Food: Steak. Rare.
Favorite Game Genre: PvP MMORPGs.
Favorite Anime: Record of Lodoss War.
My GW2 Characters:

Ravik Duskwither (Necromancer) (Main)
Aydiar Starfall (Guardian)
Pipskittle (Mesmer)
I have other characters but I never play them.

- You can call me Cold for short.
- It's pronounced Coldfeend. Not Coldfind. Learn to English.
- I'm a streamer, YouTube content creator and adventure sports athlete.
- I live in Alaska.
- My favorite holiday is Christmas. Cause snow and pretty lights and presents and hot cocoa and cookies. Halloween is also fun though.
- I love snow and ice and cold weather and mountains. They are awesome.

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