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Guild Rankings Explained

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Guild Rankings Explained Empty Guild Rankings Explained

Post by Zeria Iiyasei on Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:14 pm

Guild Rankings Explained:

NOX has recently undergone a Ranking System change, to better reward members for their activity and contributions. There are some key things to note about Rankings.

1. Your ranking is subject to change based on activity, contribution, attitude.
2. Members can nominate others or themselves for a ranking promotion. Reasoning behind why you feel the promotion is due is required. Nominations can be either privately messaged to Zeria, or posted below.
3. Rewards beyond permissions will be given based upon rank.

If you have any questions about Rankings, feel free to privately message me or comment below.


The Guildmaster. That would be me (Z). The role in game also includes my significant other, Swimming Bird, who is there to manage things in my place. There is no ability to achieve this rank.

The Triune are essentially a 3-person "2nd in Command" role. These are the people who have gone above and beyond to support the guild; they are pivotal to the functionality of the guild, and the guild would not function as well without them. It takes great dedication, contribution, and activity to achieve this ranking. They have the largest amount of permissions that members are able to achieve.

Flagbearers are the members who actively engage in conversation and time spent with the guild. They represent NOX with pride and are the first members to step up to help other players and participate in guild missions, events, or other requests for party/squad activities. They receive a large amount of permissions to reward their activity and help further the guild's growth.

Preceptors are the wise mentors ready to answer questions and guide those who need it. They run events and are your go-to person for wisdom and knowledge of the game. While they may not often handle major guild management, they are present to assist others upon request. They receive a decently large amount of permissions to ensure they have the tools necessary to help others.

Knight of Nox:
The standard members of the guild. This is the next step after Recruit. It requires some activity within the guild, but no major requirements to achieve. They have average permissions, but are still restricted in their ability to make changes to the guild itself.

Neophytes are the students of NOX, present to learn and ask questions. They may not be active particularly often, but they remain as part of the guild's members simply to gain knowledge or ask for help when needed. They have few permissions.

These are the members of other guilds who we have partnerships with. Though they don't contribute often, they are still valued members of our guild, and worthy of their own rank. They have limited permissions as they are not primarily NOX members.

These are the new recruits to the guild. Most members will remain here for roughly a week until they prove themselves worthy of being called a Knight of Nox (or higher). They are given limited permissions, but still have some access.

Cannon Fodder:
These are the people who, while they are welcome in the guild, they contribute no resources and never represent the guild, or have been completely inactive for 2 months or greater. They are given no permissions.

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