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In-Game Photo Contest

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In-Game Photo Contest

Post by Zeria Iiyasei on Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:03 am

It's our very first contest! Whoa, cool, right?! Alrighty guys, calm down, I know you're excited but we gotta read the instructions. Okay? Okay.


This is a photo contest, an in-game photo contest to be specific. There will be two categories to submit photos for. The rules are as follows:

- Each member may submit up to 2 photos from in game in each category.
- The in game photos must have been taken by the member submitting them. You cannot submit another person's photo.
- If the funny part of your picture is in the chat, please point that out.
- All submissions are due to Zeria by 10:00pm CST, November 10th.
- Each entry should have a "title" to reference it by.
- The winner for each category will be determined by a guild-wide poll. Polls will be open from 12:00am CST, November 11th until 12:00am CST, November 18th. After polls close, the winners for each category will be awarded their prizes. In the case of a tie, all guild members will vote between the remaining options.
- Each guild member has 2 votes. You are not allowed to use both on your own entries. You must use at least 1 on another person's entry.

The Categories:

Pick a moment in your gaming that is entertaining. Something silly or fun or even both!

Interesting Places
Pick a spot in game that you think is especially cool or beautiful or visually pleasing in some way (please also say what map/area it is).


Again, the deadline to submit your photos to me is November 10th by 10:00pm CST. I will not take late submissions. If you have any questions or need clarification on how this will work, please do not hesitate to ask me.
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