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Guild Changes

Post by Zeria Iiyasei on Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:44 pm

Announcement (11/20):

Things have gotten very quiet around the guild lately, and it's made me sort of sad to see everyone so disconnected. I also see that we need to improve. So I'm looking for everyone's recommendations on what we can do to make the guild a more fun, active place.

I also want your opinions on the topic of recruiting. I want to gain us more members, but I also don't want everyone to be overwhelmed or uncomfortable. If you have recommendations on what we should highlight as the biggest positive feature of the guild, please let me know, because I do want to know what y'all love about the guild.

Part of the process of improvement also means changes to our ranking system. Ranks and permissions will be changing to reflect the ways in which you as members participate and contribute to the guild. This does not mean that you will be penalized for not participating; rather it is an incentive to do so more as far as additional benefits to you.

The final part of this is that I need help. I hate saying it, but I need help. Running the guild solo is extremely difficult, and getting all of these tasks complete without others is becoming too much. I'm looking for people to assist with various tasks, primarily in the areas of event planning, website management, recruiting, and I do want 1 person to fill a position that is the equivalent of 2nd in command, who can make decisions and things when I'm not around. That position would have to be "interviewed" for because it is extremely important.

Please either comment here, PM me on here/Discord, or place your response in the "Guild_Discussions" tab of the Discord channel.
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